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Air Piston Lift System

Air Piston Lift System (APLS)Fortune Auto proudly presents our new Auto Air Piston Lift System that offers an air bag system that is conventional and causes no loss to your performance. The air piston slides onto the shaft of the Fortune Auto coilovers and extends to lift a lowered vehicle two inches.

Once the air piston has exhausted all of it's air, it begins to act as a metal spacer so that no performance or ride quality is lost since the air piston has no moving parts once it's out of air.

Designed, manufactured and serviceable in the USA.

  • No performance loss with Lift System.
  • Tested for various operational situations.
  • Everything needed for installation included.
  • Anodized for Corrosion resistance.
  • 3 Gallon Air Tank.
  • Rugged VIAIR Air Compressor
  • DOT Approved Air Lines.

Excellent for the every day driver.

The Fortune Auto APLS can be used on vehicles to allow smooth transition when driving over irregularities or obstacles such as speed bumps, inclines and more. Once the air piston is fully pressurized, your spring rate will slightly increase because your coilover springs will become more compressed.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA with the Highest Quality Parts.

The APLS is designed and manufactured with aircraft grade 6061 T6 aluminum with a 2" stroke configuration. This way you know you're getting a high quality product with extreme durability. It does come with a one-year warranty and can be serviced at any of our North American facilities.