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510 Series

Fortune Auto proudly presents their brand new Generation 7 – 510 Series dampers. Fortune Auto's success at the World Challenge, One Lap of America, and Global Time Attack has founded these new shock absorbers. All of these products are designed and built in-house in Richmond, Virginia to ensure the best quality control in the industry.

Custom, Rebuildable, and Modular.

Designed and Custom Built in the USA.

  • Amsoil Synthetic Shock Oil.
  • Ultra Design Digressive Piston Tech.
  • Custom built Piston Tech and Dyno Tested.
  • Limited 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Adjustable Dampers with 24 Steps.
  • Monotube Damper with High Pressure Nitrogen.
  • Aluminum Mounts and Camber Plates
  • Modularity for 2 or 3 Way Canisters.

No Revalves Necessary

Our Concave Flow Digressive Piston Technology allows you to tune your suspension at your convenience. It offers easy adjustment values with a wide range of options so that you don't have to worry about revalving. This allows up to 8kg spring rates which is invaluable for when you need to make a quick tune adjustment on the track.

Jekyll and Hyde

The CFD Piston Technology really brings out a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Having higher spring rates will allow for a much smoother ride. While having a lower spring rate stiffens up the ride to an artificial rate. This range allows for unparalleled performance on and off the track with just a single adjustment knob.