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Fortune Coilovers FAQ

1. What is the lowering capabilities of the standard kit?
1-3 inches of height adjustment is usually standard
2. What is the lowering capabilities of the Super Low kit?
Average height adjustability is roughly 2.5” to 5” lower than OEM ride height (depending on application).
3. What is the average size and weight of the shipping box?
28 x 18 x 8 52 lbs are normal dimensions and weight.
4. Do all your kits work with the dampening adjusters?
No, most of them do. The applications that have a rear donut clicker (Focus ST/RS, Fiesta ST, E90X) can't use them.
5. Do you have a list of what kits cannot go SuperLow? If not, is it correct to assume they are the kits with the v-barrels?
The kits that have the unique v-barrel (where you can't change the rear spring) can't go Super Low.
6. Do you have kits that are default SuperLow?
7. Why would someone want the spherical heim joints on the 510?
They would want them if they didn't want to have any sort of play in the bushing comparative to the standard rubber bushing. The negatives of the Heim joint is that it can make more noise and will need to be a maintenance item. Maintenance includes cleaning any debris that may entrap itself in there as they aren't sealed like the rubber bushing and lubricate the bushings with white lithium grease. This can be done by the customer.
8. Hyperco is an upgrade but not as high quality as Swift correct?
Correct, it is close though in performance.
9. What are the benefits to the aluminum damper body?
The aluminum damper body provides a light weight, weight savings over the steel shock bodies normally used.
10. Why do some APLS applications only have pistons for the front or rear and not both?
Some shocks are too short and don't have enough stroke/travel to accommodate an air piston.
11. What do I set my pre-load at?
McPhearson style: 1/4” Double Wishbone style: 1/8”