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Fortune Coilovers FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Fortune Auto custom coilovers.

Is there a warranty on the coilovers?

Yes, Fortune Auto offers a 5-year limited manufacturers warranty on all Generation 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 coilovers. This limited warranty covers hard parts such as mounts, top hats, camber plates and shock bodies for 5 years from the purchase date. It also covers consumable parts such as seals, shafts, fluids, pillow ball mounts and leaking shocks 1 year from the purchase date. Parts and labor are covered however shipping is not covered.

All warranty claims must be sent directly to Fortune Auto North America.

For further warranty information, please go to:

Can I rebuild my coilovers?

Yes, the coilovers are designed to be fully rebuildable and replaceable. The price of the rebuild will depend on what parts are needed. We only sell limited replacement parts here on our site. We do not offer rebuild services.

Fortune Auto North America do offer their Overhaul Service. For more information on having your coilovers rebuilt by Fortune Auto North America, please go to:

What is the replacement interval of the 500 and 510 Series coilovers?

  • No Track Use - rebuild every 60,000 miles.
  • Mixed Use - rebuild every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.
  • Track Use Only - rebuild every 1,000 miles

What are the lowering capabilities of the 500 and 510 Series coilovers?

The standard height adjustability is about 1" to 3" lower than OEM ride height (depends on application).

What is the lowering capability of the SuperLow coilovers?

The standard height adjustability is about 2.5” to 5” lower than OEM ride height (depends on application).

Which coilover kits cannot go SuperLow?

Any kit that uses v-barrel springs (where the top of the spring is wider than the bottom, forming a "V" shape), cannot go SuperLow.

Do you sell 500 Series coilovers that are SuperLow by default?

No, you will need to specifically order a SuperLow 500 Series coilover kit.

Do all your kits work with the dampening adjusters?

No, however most of them do. The applications that have a rear donut clicker (Focus ST/RS, Fiesta ST, E90X) can't use them.

What is the Swift spring upgrade?

Swift springs are upgraded springs from the standard Fortune Auto springs, made from Swift's own proprietary alloy. They are considered to be among the best quality springs made, and many of our customers have told us their ride quality greatly improved with the upgrade to Swift springs.

Fortune Auto springs are great quality and ride well, yet the Swift springs are top of the line.

The benefits of Swift springs:

  • A more consistent spring rate throughout each stroke.
  • A larger amount of stroke.
  • High durability against loss of spring height over time (sag).
  • Swift springs react faster, and weigh less than standard BC springs of the same spring rate.

Hyperco is a great upgrade option, but not as high quality as Swift, correct?

Correct, through the Hyperco are close in performance. Hyperco springs are the right choice for customers that prefer a high quality American made spring option for their Fortune Auto coilovers.

Why would someone want the spherical heim joints on their 510 Series coilovers? Are there any drawbacks when using them?

Spherical heim joints provide a stiffer ride quality for track use, and allow for easier camber setting. They also eliminate play in the bushings, comparative to the standard rubber bushings.

Spherical heim joints can increase the cabin noise significantly, and will be a maintenance item. You will need to periodically clean them of any debris in the joints, and lubricate them with white lithium grease.

What are the benefits to the aluminum damper body?

The aluminum damper body provides weight savings over the steel shock bodies normally used.

What do I set my pre-load at?

McPherson style struts: 1/4”
Double Wishbone style struts: 1/8”